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Avoiding the Common Causes of Lockouts

07/28/2016 Back To Blog

It is more than annoying to get locked out of your car, home or office. The solution involves opening the door and eliminating the underlying cause of the problem. But there's a way to avoid this kind of trouble. The advice shared below will certainly be of great help.

Take Measures to Prevent Key Loss

Most often, people get locked out of their property because they have lost their key. The simplest way to avoid this is to have a specific place for keeping it when you go out. Ideally, this will be a bag compartment. Before you leave your home, office or car, check it every time. It pays off to have a special place for keeping keys in your home and office too. This will reduce the risk of key loss even further.

How can you prevent leaving the car key on the dashboard? Get a colorful or sparkly key holder. Generally, every model that grabs your attention will do. Having a flashy key holder will help you avoid forgetting your keys in public places such as the table at your favorite cafe, for example. 

Get Malfunctioning Locks Fixed Timely

You insert the key, but you cannot turn it or it turns just fine, but the door doesn’t unlock. In either case, there will be a need for complex lock repair or replacement. Could you have avoided the emergency? In many cases, the answer is yes. There are signs that tell you that a lock malfunctions before it breaks completely. The list includes difficulties with inserting and turning the key. If you feel any resistance when you try to unlock the door, go for lock repair as soon as possible.

Don’t Use Damaged and Bent Keys

In the majority of cases, it is the key which is responsible for the lockout. This is because keys are more likely to get damaged and broken compared to locks. That is why it makes sense to keep a closer eye on them. Check them for damage like rust, chipped peaks and a bent blade. Blade bending is one of the worst problems as it can easily cause the key to break inside the lock when you least expect it. Timely key replacement is the best solution. Get a new key when you notice even the slightest bending.

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