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Frequently asked questions about locks and locksmith services are listed below to address some questions in this topic. Do you want to replace the locks or simply rekey them? Do you know the difference? Learn more about locks and how you can keep secure.

What do mean by 'key made to code'?

Nearly all keys have code numbers and locksmiths also identify them by the cuts on a key. If you've written down the code number, it is easy to make a key in case you've lost it. It's highly advisable to write down the key code for all new and existing locks.

What is the difference between re-key and lock change?

Lock change means the whole lock is removed and replaced but if you do not want to do away with your lock, then you can choose to re-key it. Here the lock core is changed, so it works to a completely new key. Experts from Locksmith Alpine advise home and business owners to change old or damaged locks immediately.

My new car has a security built into the key, how can I get a copy made?

It is not necessary to visit your car dealer to get a copy made. Our company professionals recommend that you contact us so we can check if we can duplicate it for you. You will have to provide the make and model of your vehicle.

How much does a locksmith service cost?

Locksmiths vary from business to business and from service to service. You should be aware of the fact that great locksmiths are trained professionals and not everyone is capable of doing their job as best as they claim. Our company does its best to provide the most affordable rates in the market.

I think my lock might be frozen. What do I do?

In cold, wet weather, it’s not unusual for a lock to freeze. If you suspect your locks are frozen, don’t continue to try jamming the key into the lock. You might break the key or damage the lock. Instead, try thawing the lock by pouring hot water on the lock or warming it with a hair dryer. You can also purchase lock de-icer at most home or hardware stores.

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